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Pain Management

Radiofrequency Cannulas

Radiofrequency  Echogenic Cannulas TY RaF E are used in nerve thermal lesions technique with the employment of continuous or pulsed radiofrequency. 

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TY Tell and Rz Catheter are electro-catheters for epidural and transgangliar pulsed radiofrequency treatment associated with analgesic anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic drug infusion.   

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Epiduroscopy Catheters

TY Patrol and TY Mini Patrol are the most convenient guide catheters for the introduction of flexible micro-endoscopes and exploration of the epidural canal.

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Thermocouple RF Electrodes

Tycoon thermocouple RF electrodes’ performance is controlled with high accuracy calibration for consistent lesions. Improves the safety of the patient and medical staff.

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Injective System

TY Intrapar is an innovative injective system, able to avoid the entrance of air and the resulting bacterial infection risk.

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